Seez R: All Cars for Sale App Reviews

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No details

I can not watch cars details

Kuwait as location for search

Unable to search in kuwait... as in fact unable to select and search location

Good to see pics / details

Would be a great ap to see pictures and have a detail of the car.

No pictures for the cars

The pictures / photos for the cars are little

Waste of time

Worthless app, search button doesn't work, is not optimized, useless bot in the chat. They had a great idea but was poorly executed wit a faulty app

Not Great

Found via Reddit. Doesn't work in the US. Very buggy and keeps prompting you to select something when it already has been. Needs work.

Nothing new

Trying to negotiate is a joke everything is a setup and when u find a car u cant see all the images unless u contact the owner and ask him what a joke if u r competing with big websites atleast this basics should be nailed. I saw a car and ofcourse couldnt see the images contacted the owner and found out its not from gulf and its damaged. This app should bot waste my time all the infos should be there before contacting the owner. Need to change alot of things

Great app

Very cool having all cars in one place. Good sorting and filters ... pricing estimates where fairly accurate except for 2017

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