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Seez R: All Cars for Sale

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We find all used cars for sale in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the rest of UAE & negotiate with sellers to get you cheaper prices. Save time and money on buying cars.

Why use Seez R to buy a car?

• Your Personal Assistant: Cesar. He does nothing but search for car owners selling their cars, and negotiate with them to lower down their prices, so you can expect hes excellent at what he does because he gets a lot of practice! He will find all cars for sale that match your needs and chat with their sellers on your behalf to guarantee you buy the car for the lowest price possible

• Image Recognition Technology: Saw a car on the street and not sure what model it is or how much is it being sold for? Take a picture of it and we’ll tell you all about it

• Biggest number of options: Tired of searching for a good car deal on tens of websites? Well do the search for you! Reach all car sellers and get all the deals in one place

• Super quick results: In a matter of seconds, you’ll be able to tell us what car you want and see all cars available for sale around you

• Search for more than one car: If your mind is not set on one specific car model, you can create multiple searches for different cars and let Cesar do his magic for all of them simultaneously

• Easy to use: Simple interface that gets you going in no time


1. Tell us what you want

Take a picture of a car or fill in the details manually and we’ll tell you all about the car, the fair market price you should be paying, and how would that price change with mileage and year of make

2. Give us your budget

Tell us a range of what you’re willing to pay, car mileage and year of make. Cesar will search everywhere to find you the best deals around these ranges in your location

3. Negotiations are done!

Cesar will shortlist the best deals on the car you want, get in touch with the people selling it and negotiate a lower price on your behalf. All you’ll have to do is contact the seller to seal the deal.

*If you know what car you want to buy, you can just snap a picture of it or fill in your requirements and well find all cars available for sale that meet your criteria, get in touch with their owners, and negotiate a better car deal and a lower price for you.

*If you have more than one car in mind, you can create multiple searches for different cars and we will do the search and negotiations for all cars at the same time. Awesome eh?!

*If you dont have your mind set on a specific car to buy, check out our Hot Deals section to see what car deals we have right now that you shouldnt miss out on.

- Not planning to buy a car right now?
If you’re just curious about a certain car or you need to have an idea of how much your dream car would cost when you decide to buy, well tell you whats the market value of any car is. This way, youll know how much to save and how to budget for your car purchase when the time comes.

- Selling a car?
Use Seez R to get real-time car prices and market values to know what the car is worth. It will help you determine whats a reasonable price to ask for if youre asking for too much so you sell your car faster.

To sum it up, if youre interested in cars, or planning to buy a car, theres no other place youd rather be.